Crypto games: All you want to know about crypto games

Crypto games are designed with blockchain technology, meaning no single person has the authority over crypto games, unlike traditional games that were centralized. The most significant advantage of blockchain technology is that it makes the network safer and more secure, as blockchain is a database which stores all the information. It is impossible to alter or delete that information once it’s added to the network of computers.

Due to growing technology, crypto games have become very popular among gambling lovers. And in a brief period, the crypto games industry has made its place in the gambling market.

Here are some of the top crypto games

What’s the point if the games are not exciting and engaging? But this type of question will not bother you, as there isa variety of games available with various attractive features.

Battle infinity

Battle infinity is one of the player’s favourite games, and we guess why? The NFT-based metaverse provides players access to six battle arenas to compete with their competitors, that is, with other players, and the one who will win will get the reward. Isn’t this sound interesting?

Lucky block

The best game of the year, according to many players, is the innovative crypto game that allows players to play and win multiple jackpots every day. There are prize draws every day, which offer chances to players to win lucky draws every day.


I’m sure there is very few cryptogames player who is unaware of the silks as the game is popular nowadays. Silk is a crossover between horse racing and the crypto space. You can purchase and sell metaverse horse with the digital assets reel.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is played by mostly all the players. The game is based on and inspired by the Pokémon battling game, in which players have to collect, breed and raise creatures called Axies. Players can purchase and sell Axies that are NFTs in the open market. The only condition is a player needs to have at least 3 Axies.


there is no doubt that the market of cryptogames is rising very quickly, and for this growth, various elements are involved. And one of the elements we discuss above is exciting, new and different games, which have great opportunities to earn and enjoy simultaneously. Apart from the competition mentioned above, other games are available in crypto games such as tamadoge, space misfits, decentraland, the sandbox, mobox and Illuvium.